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Today we would like to share with you a worth-reading blog post, which relates directly to UFIT, published by ACSM Blog.

Cheri A. Blauwet, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and a seven-time Paralympic medalist, share great thoughts and encourage everyone to embrace concepts of universal design.

Changing Mindsets

UFIT is more than a fitness professionals training program. The thrust of the UFIT program is experiential. Fitness sector personnel are required to engage directly with a disability organization or individuals with disabilities in order to share a journey of learning towards inclusion. As indicated in the name of the movement – Universal Fitness Innovation & Transformation- it is envisioned that the future will witness universal fitness program provision.

Coming back to ACSM post, we would like to highlight the following paragraph of the post:

Changing our Mindset: Remember that disability is not an “us and them” phenomenon – it is a “we” phenomenon. The disability community is one of the only minority groups that anyone can enter, at any point in life – and, once there, membership may be transient or permanent. Additionally, every single one of us will acquire a disability if we live long enough. Thus, the accommodations that we put in place to serve people with disabilities, in fact, serve us all. Furthermore, providing accommodations is not something that is “nice to do” for a small subset of the population, but instead is a smart business move for organizations and businesses that want to serve the broadest swath of the community.

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American College of Sports Medicine – A UFIT Taskforce Member

ACSM is the world’s largest international organisation dedicated to the broad and multi-faceted field of sports medicine and exercise science. A central focus of ACSM is the role of physical activity for health as well as other benefits such as environmental sustainability and economic development, from the individual to global society. ACSM has a large portfolio in regard to persons with disabilities and physical activity and sports. ACSM represents more than 50,000 international, national and regional members and certified professionals.


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