Showcase your inclusive practice & receive a UFIT Endorsement

UFIT acknowledges that health clubs are already using structures and resources to be inclusive. If you are one of them, get in touch and claim your reward! UFIT aims to gather inclusive fitness experiences and showcase all the current good practice in order to:

  1. Give recognition to clubs that are considering INCLUSION
  2. Provide more OPPORTUNITIES to be physically active for people with disabilities in their communities

On the other hand, UFIT builds upon existing expertise of fitness instructors and personal trainers and, therefore,if you are a personal trainer, physical therapist, occupational therapist and you are training people with disabilties, contact us! We would like to promote your UniversAbility and expand the UFIT network!

What are the requirements?

Any program, initiative or experience based on the UFIT values will be considered for endorsement.

Applicants should provide evidence that their practice is inclusive, collaborative and address the needs and expectations of participants with disabilities. Aspects that will be considered are:

  1. To be a signatory of the Marseille Declaration
  2. Initiatives in collaboration with a disability service provider are highly recommended.
  3. Club staff should be involved in planning, implementation & evaluation of the program.
  4. Sustainable programs and initiatives are highly valued.
  5. Club avail of policies to ensure equal opportunities for people with disabilities

How can I apply?