Westpark Fitness – First UFIT Accredited Club

Last week, the UFIT Global Team visited the facilities of Westpark Fitness (Ireland). They have been one of the UFIT pilot sites in Ireland and have work diligently to make UFIT a reality in their club. The experience has been successful and now, further opportunities to ‘inclusivize’ their practice are being explored. We will keep you posted!

If you want to know more about the UFIT participants experience at Westpark, you can watch this video.

What are UFIT Accredited Clubs?

Clubs that engage with the UFIT Capacity Building Package will be considered UFIT Accredited Clubs and, therefore, identified as clubs that are ready to welcome people with disabilities.

The UFIT Capacity Building Package is being delivered to clubs that want to transform their practice to be more inclusive. This package includes all UFIT resources available (UFIT explorer, UFIT app, on-site workshops, online learning units, etc.). Clubs will go through 3 on-site workshops + the implementation of the UFIT program in collaboration with a disability service provider.

UFIT Trainer Testimonial

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