The fitness sector is driven by an altruistic purpose

Social good through fitness.

Ray Algar describes in the Fitness Sector Social Good Report (2014)  that the purpose of the health and fitness sector is obvious.

Health clubs, leisure centres, gyms and other descriptive terms are in the ‘business’ of helping others to find and reach a more contented and ‘happier’ place in their lives.

Looking at the website of some of our UFIT clubs, their ‘altruistic’ purpose shines through:

  • Our mission is to make your life better -Newtown Athletic Club, USA
  • Our members’ safety, health and results are our priority – The Atlantic Club, USA.
  • Our promise is to help you Live your best – ACAC, USA

UFIT and social justice

From a human rights perspective, the barriers experienced by people with disabilities to participate in the fitness sector need to be addressed, as they could be considered a mechanism of repression; which makes more difficult for individuals with disabilities to fulfill their own potential and contribute to society as citizens – this consequantly threatens the notion of social justice.

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