I want to engage with UFIT, what should I do?

Universal Fitness Innovation & Transformation (UFIT) is a movement for social change that aims to ‘inclusivize’ the fitness industry by connecting health clubs; with local disability service providers or groups of people with disabilities; and allied professionals. In our endeavor to make inclusion the norm in the fitness sector, UFIT welcomes the support and contribution of organizations and individuals.

Read below to find out how to get involved with UFIT:

Health & Fitness Clubs

Health & Fitness clubs can be leaders of inclusion in their communities. A set of comprehensive resources are available to clubs who are determined to ‘inclusivize’ their practice.

The UFIT Capacity Building Package is an innovative process-oriented learning experience for health and fitness clubs to empower managers, instructors, personal trainers and all staff in health and fitness clubs. This package includes access to the UFIT Explorer, online learning units, workshops and mentor support.

For more information about UFIT Capacity Building Package, click here

Fitness Professionals

Would you like to learn how to adapt exercises for people with disabilities? Do you want to offer a high-quality service for all users? UFIT has all the resources to support you in your endeavors to offer inclusive service for all.

Contact your UFIT National Coordinator to find if there are any opportunity to participate at a UFIT workshop. Also, you can get your club involved in UFIT and receive the UFIT Capacity Building Package!


Organizations showing their commitment to inclusion could potentially join UFIT National Taskforces. It is expected that all Taskforce members support the UFIT movement by providing expertise of the national context.

Do you want to advocate for an inclusive approach as a way to enhance customer care and service provision for all? Would you like to promote an inclusive vision in the fitness industry? Contact the UFIT Global Team to explore pathways of collaboration!

People with disabilities

Are you living with a disability and you want get started in fitness & physical activity? Would you like to meet other fitness enthusiasts around the world? Join the UFIT Community.

Introduce yourself to the UFIT Community & be an active member of this movement for social change!


The UFIT Movement wants to continue expanding. UFIT aims to increase the number of inclusive health clubs and participants with disabilities in fitness settings. If you believe in the UFIT mission and would like to support the development and sustainability of the UFIT movement, please contact the UFIT Global Team.

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