UFIT is going Glocal

Stop! Be patient and keep on reading. You might think that there is a typo in the headline, however, we can reassure you that this is correct. Give us a few lines to explain this to you. UFIT is glocal.

Glocalization is a combination of the words “globalization” and “localization” used to…

describe a product or service that is developed and distributed globally, but is also fashioned to accommodate the user or consumer in a local market. This means that the product or service may be tailored to conform with local laws, customs or consumer preferences. Products or services that are effectively “glocalized” are, by definition, going to be of much greater interest to the end user.

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UFIT is a global movement for social change that aims to have an impact at the local level. The UFIT capacity building program has been designed to be locally relevant in each country. The UFIT Global Team will coordinate the roll-out of UFIT licenses internationally and will facilitate the setup of UFIT Taskforces.

Why are UFIT Taskforces important?

The UFIT Taskforce is an intersectoral partnership that aims to adapt and promote the UFIT movement to the national context where it will be implemented.

The fitness industry is witnessing a major increase in the number of practitioners in recent years. This is reflected in the growing commercialization of the sector, characterized by a rise in the number of fitness clubs and members in the last decades (IHRSA, 2013). However, the development of the sector across the globe is very diverse and, therefore, it is essential to know the state-of-art of the industry locally, as well, as the cultural mindset towards including people with disabilities in the community.

UFIT Taskforces will promote an inclusive vision in the industry and will provide tools to facilitate the development of competences and skills among professionals through the UFIT Capacity Building Program.

Who can be a member of the UFIT Taskforce?

The UFIT Taskforce members should be organizations showing their commitment to inclusion. The UFIT Taskforce members must demonstrate competence, form and capacity in the UFIT core areas. The UFIT Taskforce members should reflect on how this partnership can benefit their own organization and take responsibility on ensuring a successful progress of the UFIT movement. Some sample roles are mentioned below:

  • UFIT National Coordinator
  • UFIT Mentoring and Training Lead
  • Standards Body
  • Technical Knowledge & Support
  • Fitness Professionals Partner
  • Disability Advocacy & Networking
  • Government Partner

UFIT Canada Taskforce launching soon!

The UFIT Canada Taskforce will be launched during the canfitpro world fitness expo. This event will mark the starting point of the UFIT movement in Canada and will encourage and support fitness clubs or fitness chains to deliver inclusive fitness at national level.

The UFIT Global Lead will present “The Business Case for Inclusion” at canfitpro world fitness expo on Saturday 19th August (5.30pm – 6.45pm). Canadian based health and fitness clubs interested in ‘inclusivizing’ their services are invited to attend the session and/or contact the UFIT Global Team to explore collaborative partnerships (canada@justdoufit.com)

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