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Don’t make disability an inability to grow your business. The ability to cater for disability can mean an increase of 15% in highly loyal members. Open your doors to disability and gain access to a huge untapped market segment. Being ‘fit for purpose’ means keeping your business purpose ‘fit for all’. Accessing disability means accessing your ability to succeed.

Fact: In the US up to 20% of the population – and over 37% of mature people - have a disability. It’s a growing market you can’t afford to ignore. As a business owner, UFIT offers you:  a 15% uplift in loyal members  easy access to an untapped and accessible market segment  comprehensive and compact training modules that fit around your team Open your doors to disability and gain access to a huge untapped market segment.

Dispel the Myths of Universal Access

Myth: We don’t know how to deal with people who have disabilities; it’s an extra stress. You probably know more about disabilities than you think. Many disabilities are mild and people are usually experts on their condition. As fitness specialists we already cope with a range of sports injuries so there’s no need to worry. Myth: We do not have the time or resources to cope with people with disabilities. Our easy to learn and simple to deliver programme will empower your staff to embrace this new income stream without putting any strain on resources. In fact staff working with people with disabilities experience higher levels of job satisfaction and stay in their jobs longer. Motivated staff means happy members. Myth: People with disabilities take attention away from other members. Inclusive clubs are seen as more desirable, plus your business will expand and experience long-term growth. Adopt the UFIT model and enjoy the benefits of universal access for all.

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