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General Information

1What is UFIT?
Universal Fitness Innovation & Transformation (UFIT) is a global social change movement, led by the UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Fitness and IHRSA. UFIT aims to increase fitness opportunities for people with disabilities by connecting health clubs; with local disability service providers; and allied professionals guiding the process in a client-centered and bespoke manner while taking the fitness management and staff through an inclusive journey that builds their skills, knowledge and competency to facilitate the inclusion of all in their service offerings and operations.
2Is UFIT a training programme?
Yes and no. UFIT is a social justice movement which it consists of, yet goes beyond, a training programme. UFIT is a capacity building process that guides club managers and club staff to transform organisational practice in order to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities and enhance customer service. This process is supported by online learning units, comprehensive resources, training sessions and mentor support.
3Who is leading the UFIT movement?
The UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Fitness, Sport, Recreation & PE alongside IHRSA are leading UFIT Globally. At a national level, UFIT Taskforces have been established in order to facilitate the effective implementation of UFIT.
4Who is UFIT targeting?
UFIT targets fitness sector leaders and innovators who:
a) recognise the difference they can make in the lives of people with disabilities, acknowledging their rights by inclusivizing their service offerings
b) wish to increase and maintain membership by buildling relationships with local community groups
Leaders operating within health and disability services who wish to support and build the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities in a safe, cost-effective and sustainable way that has been shown to reduce the prevalence of secondary health conditions while often reducing the dosage of associated pharmacological interventions
5I'm interested. Who should I contact?
If you are ready to join the UFIT movement, you should check out if UFIT is available in your country.
If it is available, contact your UFIT National coordinator and express your interest. You will receive more detailed information about the implementation of UFIT in your health club.
6UFIT is not offered in my country, what should I do?
Get in touch with the UFIT Global Team at
The UFIT Global Team will help you to identify key stakeholders to set up a UFIT Taskforce and get the ball rolling.
Don't miss the oportunity to be a leader in your community!

Information for Clubs

1What are the requirements for health clubs?
UFIT uses a strengths-based approach. UFIT acknowledges that health clubs have already structures and resources to be inclusive. Therefore, there isn't an initial requirement for health clubs.
However, UFIT clubs will have to show their commitment with UFIT and sign the Marseille Declaration. Also, UFIT clubs should follow all the stages of the UFIT program with active participation of their staff, members and community.
2How much does it cost?
The UFIT programme focuses on what health clubs can do within their facilities. The implementation of UFIT does not demand high initial investment, rather the opposite. UFIT fees cover the expenses of training (mentor, UFIT trainers, materials) to ensure the sustainability of the programme. In order to get more details, get in touch with your UFIT National Coordinator
3What is the duration of the programme?
UFIT is more of a process than a programme. It will take between 3 to 5 months for a fitness and/or health club to move through the UFIT process, although we envision that each club with continue to inclusivize their fitness operations and services. It is very important to recognise that as UFIT is delivered in a bespoke manner that involves organisational transformation and building or strengthening relationships in the local community. The time-frame will vary from one site to another. Each club will be supported by their UFIT mentor in determining a suitable timeframe that is tailored to their organisational needs and context.
The implementation of UFIT has been designed in 6 steps:
1. Introductory workshop/ Online induction
2. UFIT Mentor visit
3. UFIT Training Day - Owners/managers (2h) & Club Staff (6h)
4. Partnership with Disability Service Provider
5. Implementation of the UFIT Programme (8-12 weeks)
6. Inclusive Practice
4Will I have to spend a lot of money inclusivizing facilities?
Not necessarily, as UFIT goes beyond facilities and equipment. It focuses more on inclusivizing operations like philosophy, processes, policies, promotion, people, perceptions, innovation, monitoring and evaluation, etc. Yes of course in an ideal world all buildings and equipment will be inclusive of people with disabilities, and we also advocate for that, yet we are aware that
1. not all clubs currently have the financial resources to make this happen right now
2. just because a facility is physically accessible, doesn't mean that people with disabilities feel welcome. UFIT recommends starting small, working in collaboration with locals with disabilities striving to meet their expressed needs where practically possible. Focusing on one task at a time, designing an action plan in order to improve all the areas of the health club within means.
5What are the staffing requirements?
The UFIT pilot will not demand to take any exceptional measure regarding staffing. It will just require that current staff (managers/owners and staff) engage in reflecting and implementing changes in organizational practice with a view to deliver high quality inclusive fitness services.
The investment of staff time will positively impact the management and operations of the club by implementing practices that have been shown to increase customer and staff retention while providing high quality inclusive health enhancing fitness services

Information for Persons with Disabilities

1Where can I work out?
You can find a UFIT accredited club or UFIT endorsed initiative on
2How can I meet other participants who are part of the UFIT program?
You have two options: 1. Contact your nearest UFIT club 2. Contact a local disability service provider (ie. Special Olympics) and try to find out how you can get involved in UFIT.
3What are the requirements for getting involved in a UFIT Program?
There are no requirements. Check with your nearest UFIT Club for more details.