We want to make inclusion of people with disabilities the norm. Now is the time for the fitness industry to commit to full inclusion, to mainstream diversity in the sector.

The UFIT programme builds capacity on managers, instructors, personal trainers and all staff in your club and enables them to offer a high quality service for ALL users, including those with a disability.

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We are a Global Movement for Social Change

The UFIT program has been designed to be locally relevant in each country. UFIT seeks top-leading institutions in each country to create UFIT Taskforces. The role of the Taskforces is to bring national expertise and unify forces in order to advocate for inclusion through UFIT. The UFIT Taskforces foresee potential obstacles to implementation and build solutions into their recommendations. UFIT has established Taskforces in all countries where it is available. If you are from a country where UFIT has already landed, get in touch with the National Taskforce. If your country doesn’t have a Taskforce yet, get in touch with us and we will advise you on how to proceed in order to bring UFIT to your national scene!

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