We want to make inclusion of people with disabilities the norm. Now is the time for the fitness industry to commit to full inclusion, to mainstream diversity in the sector.

The UFIT programme builds capacity on managers, instructors, personal trainers and all staff in your club and enables them to offer a high quality service for ALL users, including those with a disability.

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Monday 17th October 2016 in Sevilla, Spain

On Monday the 17th October 2016 the UFIT Conference will take place in Sevilla supported by IHRSA and run in conjunction with the IHRSA European Congress (17th to 20th October). Leaders and collaborators of UFIT will present the opportunity that this revolutionary initiative offers. There will be interactive discussion workshops as part of the Conference. This event is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded fitness industry leaders from across the Globe who believe that the inclusivity of the service provision should be revolutionised.

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